work:       TODO /maintain a list of activities and schedule them appropriately/                             :A:
  work:       TODO /keep up with the job search/                                                               :B:
  grants:     TODO Simon, Stephen, Geraint - creative interpretation                                       :draft:
  grants:     TODO Anna - TDD, evaluation                                                                  :draft:
  coinvent:   TODO Follow up from evaluation workshop in Bolzano
  papers:     TODO serendipity paper - corrections
  papers:     TODO lakatos paper - corrections
  hobbies:    HIGH Archive PlanetMath content on Github
  papers:     HIGH Dan - haikus
  papers:     HIGH Jeremy - game blending
  workshop:   HIGH Augment the Fields data supplied by FloWr with further information
  papers:     MED Ewen - music
  papers:     MED Gabi - survey on math
  work:       MED Catherine Bellamy - timesheets
  coinvent:   LOW Write back to Simon Lynch about the agent design.
  grants:     LOW Jeremy - games
  hobbies:    LOW Ray - Springer indexes
  papers:     LOW Rasmus - phatics
  work:       LOW Download game-playing MC system for VGDL
  notes:      META Learn org mode!                                                                             :N:
  learning:   META learn all kinds of stuff!
  notes:      META use magit started