Joe Corneli

I earned my doctorate at The Open University in Milton Keynes, with a thesis focused on peer production and peer learning in the mathematics domain. The main case study was; the ideas also informed the development of “Peeragogy”. I was a postdoc at Goldsmiths, University of London and then the University of Edinburgh, then a Research Fellow at Oxford Brookes University. I’m now based in Brookes’ Directorate of Research, Innovation, and Enterprise, working primarily on a national Open Research Programme.

+1 505 INKY PEN

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In 2019 I started Hyperreal Enterprises, Ltd. to begin to develop some of my ideas in a commercial context.

I play upright bass and Stroh viola in Starlings, Oxford's global folk community orchestra.


Recent preprints on Arxiv and OSF.


My bass is tuned in fifths (C1, G1, D2 and A2) and my viola is drop-tuned (G2, D3, A3, E4), making it technically a take on the viola profonda. The viola has dual resonators, which is a design feature I haven’t seen in other Stroh-type instruments. I play it in a cross-body position, similar to a cello da spalla.