Joe Corneli

I earned my doctorate at The Open University in Milton Keynes, with a thesis focused on peer production and peer learning in the mathematics domain. The main case study was; the ideas also informed the development of “Peeragogy”. I held appointments as a postdoctoral researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London and the University of Edinburgh, and then was a Research Fellow at Oxford Brookes University. I’m presently employed at Brookes in the new Directorate of Research, Innovation, and Enterprise, working primarily on a nation-wide Open Research Project, coordinated by the UK Reproducibility Network.

In 2019 I started Hyperreal Enterprises, Ltd. to begin to develop some of my ideas in a commercial context.

I play upright bass and Stroh viola in Starlings, Oxford's global folk community orchestra.

+1 505 INKY PEN


Recent preprints on Arxiv and OSF.


My bass is tuned in fifths (C1, G1, D2 and A2) and my viola is drop-tuned (G2, D3, A3, E4), making it technically a take on the viola profonda. The viola has dual resonators, which is a design feature I haven’t seen in other Stroh-type instruments. I play it in a cross-body position, similar to a cello da spalla.