Joe Corneli

My PhD thesis focused on peer produced support for peer learning in the mathematics domain, and I co-edited a book that looks at the wider implications of these practices. I was thrilled to find my first postdoctoral research job in an artificial intelligence research group, where I'm primarily studying “social creativity.”

I've written or coauthored a grand total of 38 academic papers to date.

What's new?

New job:

Some preprints:

  1. Bootstrapping the next generation of mathematical social machines
  2. A vision for a collaborative semi-formal, language independent math(s) encyclopedia
  3. Lakatos-style Collaborative Mathematics through Dialectical, Structured and Abstract Argumentation [distribution embargoed, but a summary is available in these slides]
  4. Afterword to “Together While Apart”
  5. Modelling serendipity in a computational context
  6. Patterns of Peeragogy

What's next?